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Personalized Programs:

Our certified personal trainer can design a training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.). To save time, many diet or fitness programs are based on a general, one-size-fits-all approach and use computer-generated programs. But, most exercisers are more successful at reaching their goals when using a program that is designed just for them. We utilize the extensive profile you provide to develop your customized program so that you are always doing exercises that are just right for YOU. We design programs for all fitness levels, for working out anywhere (home, gym, or on the road), and for use with a variety of exercise equipment or even no equipment at all.

Motivation, Encouragement and Accountability:

Unlike other fitness programs that take your money and then forget about you, our trainers will be there with you through every step. You'll receive weekly encouragement and from your personal trainer. Plus, your workout log will be used by your trainer to evaluate your programs weekly to ensure they are always working for you. Researchers have found that exercisers who are accountable to a trainer or a partner are more successful in reaching their fitness goals.

More Variety -- Less Boredom and Burnout:

Researchers have found that an exercise program is more successful if it includes variety and continually challenges the body to work hard. IQ Fitness programs utilize this concept. Our personalized workouts include loads of variety and frequent changes to keep your mind from burning out and your body from adapting and hitting a plateau, which can cause you to stop losing weight and/or gaining muscle.